submitting data

MEDIN are delivering data through a network of accredited Data Archive Centres (DACs). The network is there to provide secure long-term storage of and access to marine data. Marine data encompasses a wide range of data types and usages and MEDIN is committed to providing as comprehensive a coverage as possible. New DACs in Marine Fisheries and Marine Historic Environment have recently been added.

The DACs listed below have all been through the MEDIN accreditation process and their data holdings are provided through the MEDIN portal.

MEDIN Data Archive Centre's Circle Diagram MEDIN bathymetry DAC MEDIN bathymetry DAC MEDIN water column oceanography DAC MEDIN geology and geophysics DAC MEDIN flora, fauna and habitata DAC MEDIN fisheries DAC MEDIN historic environment DAC MEDIN meteorology DAC

Guidance for the depositor

Depositing bathymetry data
If you have bathymetry data to deposit, please send it directly to UK Hydrographic Office. There are no charges associated with depositing bathymetry data with the UKHO.

Data for only one DAC
If you only have data for one DAC, please complete the MEDIN Data Deposit Form and return it to the relevant MEDIN DAC.

Data for more than one DAC
If you have data for more than one DAC, then please complete the MEDIN Data Deposit Form and return it to the MEDIN Helpdesk. The Helpdesk will advise which DACs are appropriate for your data and assist in the process.

The DACs will follow up with you to acquire any extra information about the data sets and to advise on the costs for taking the data.


DAC data archiving projects

MEDIN has funded a number of small data archiving projects carried out by MEDIN DACs.

2015 projects

  • Sea angling data rescure sea angling data project (431 KB)
  • Delivering legacy bathymetry data legacy bathymetry data project (17 KB)
  • Digitising historical ship logs historic ship log data (291 KB)
  • Fishing effort data rescue fishing effort data project (952 KB)
  • Sharing geological data between DACs sharing geological data project (20 KB)

2014 projects

  • Cefas Solent Bass Survey 1983-2014 Quality Assurance data archiving projects (1.4 MB)
  • Digitising of dive tapes held at RCAHMS data archiving projectst (13 KB)
  • Enhancing the metadata shared with the MEDIN portal data archiving projects (9 KB)
  • Heritage vocabularies data archiving projects (19 KB)

related DAC documents

  • MEDIN Annual Report 2013 medin contract clause doc
  • MEDIN DAC Annual Report 2014 medin contract clause doc (166 KB)
  • MEDIN DAC Annual Report 2013 medin contract clause doc (257 KB)
  • Summary of the MEDIN DAC accreditation requirements medin dac accreditation requirements doc (185 KB)
  • MEDIN recommends a standard data collection clause to be used in contracts medin contract clause doc (26.8 KB)
  • MEDIN data flow case studies data flow document (39 KB)

data not currently archived by DACs

  • MEDIN Position Paper - Social and Economic Data Social and economic data position document (44 KB)
  • Management of Underwater Sound Data in the UK pdf (361 KB)
  • Management of Marine Litter Data pdf (122 KB)