submitting data

MEDIN are delivering data through a network of accredited Data Archive Centres (DACs). The network is there to provide secure long-term storage of and access to marine data.  Marine data encompasses a wide range of data types and usages and MEDIN is committed to providing as comprehensive a coverage as possible.  New DACs in Marine Fisheries and Marine Historic Environment have recently been added.

The DACs listed below have all been through the accreditation process and their data holdings are provided through the MEDIN portal. 

To submit, access or query data please contact the relevant DACs or MEDIN Enquiries.
























British Geological Survey (BGS)
for seabed and sub-seabed geology, geophysics data more>>

BGS logo

British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC)
for water column oceanographic data more>>

BODC logo

The Met Office
for marine meteorological (metocean) data more>> Met Office logo

Archaeology Data Service (ADS)
for marine historic environment data more>>

Link to ADS website

If you are unsure which data archive centre to submit data to please contact MEDIN Enquiries .

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data not currently archived by DACs

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