UK Hydrographic Office - MEDIN data archive centre for bathymetry

about the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office

The bathymetry DAC is operated by the UK Hydrographic Office and stores bathymetric data gathered around the British Isles.

data held

All UK Government sponsored survey data gathered in support of charting (Civil Hydrography Programme data).  Data sets supplied by other government survey organisations (e.g. Cefas) are also held as are data sets gathered by some Port Authorities, environmental organisations and academic institutes.

submitting data

If you hold Bathymetric data sets and are happy for these to be stored and distributed by the DAC then please submit them to the UK Hydrographic Office at the address below.  Please supply as much metadata as possible with the survey data but, as a minimum, we need to know the horizontal datum (e.g. WGS84), vertical datum (e.g. Chart Datum) and whether the data is gridded or is true position. 
The DAC intends to make data available under the Open Government Licence  whereby it is able to be used for any purpose without charge.  If you, as a data supplier, do not want your data to be released under these conditions please make this clear when supplying it.  All data received will be assessed by UKHO against the relevant navigational products and services and may be used to update them. This is regardless of any other conditions that may be imposed upon data use by the supplier. If you do not want the data used to check the correctness of the Admiralty chart then please do not supply the data.

For further details on the submission of data, please visit our website at:  and read the tab entitled 'Can We Use Your Data On A Nautical Chart?'

accessing the data

Data suppliers will be able to access their data free of charge. 

data use

Data from the DAC has been used by numerous engineering and environmental organisations.  The most common are wind farm developers who use the data to assist their planning for the positioning of the turbines and to form the base layer in environmental impact studies.  Other uses have included academic use by students and coastal monitoring organisations.

contact details


Bathy DAC
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+44 (0)1823 484444