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How to find UK Marine Data pdf

Discover marine datasets and commonly required marine reference layers by searching individual metadata records on the data discovery portal or selecting by theme on the reference layers web pages. MEDIN has created a useful guide to help in your search:

How to find UK Marine Data (292 KB) How to find UK Marine Data pdf


data discovery portal

The data discovery portal is a metadata discovery service providing users with a single point of access to individual metadata records submitted to the portal by the Data Archive Centres and other public and private sector bodies.

medin data portal
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MEDIN will be undertaking a redesign and development project of the existing MEDIN Portal over the coming year. As part of this MEDIN engaged Powered By Reason to conduct a series of online and in-person research activities to help inform this redesign. The final report from this exercise can be viewed here.

reference layers

These layers provide a real world context in the form of a marine ‘base map’. They are commonly used in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and are sometimes known as ‘GIS layers’. Reference layers can describe an activity or use, or represent a natural or human phenomenon. Often the creation of reference layers is the result of merging many datasets into a single consistent data ‘layer’, either as part of a discrete project or ongoing maintenance regime. Project-based and maintained datasets are included here.

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All of the reference layers have a metadata record, meaning they can be discovered in the portal. MEDIN aims to encourage well maintained reference layers that are easy to access and use. More information on reference layers and details on how MEDIN intends to achieve this aim are included in the library of work stream documents under ‘Resource and Applications

Please contact MEDIN with comments or if you would like to participate in the Resources and Applications Working Group.