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11581. Scroby Sands Windfarm and export cable routes: Bathymetric Survey Lankelma Andrews Mon 16 Dec 2013
11582. Scroby Sands Seal Monitoring (2005) (post-construction) ECON Ecological Consultancy Fri 13 Dec 2013
11583. Scroby Sands Ornithological Monitoring (Little terns) pre-construction phase 2002-2003 ECON Ecological Consultancy Thu 12 Dec 2013
11584. Scroby Sands Seal Monitoring 2004 (construction phase) ECON Ecological Consultancy Thu 12 Dec 2013
11585. Transformer Access Route Assessment for the Lincs Offshore Wind Farm Development RPS Transport Tue 10 Dec 2013
11586. Wash Cable Route Corridor Archaeological Desk-based Assessment Wessex Archaeology Tue 10 Dec 2013
11587. Scroby Sands Offshore Wind Farm: Seal Monitoring 2006 (post-construction) ECON Ecological Consultancy Tue 10 Dec 2013
11588. Cirrus Shell Flat Array Offshore Wind Farm Environmental Statement RSK Group plc Tue 10 Dec 2013
11589. Underwater Construction Noise Modelling and Assessment at the site of the Lincs offshore wind farm. Steve Parvin ; Subacoustech Ltd Tue 10 Dec 2013
11590. Navigation Risk Assessment Lincs Offshore Wind Farm Anatec Ltd Mon 09 Dec 2013
11591. Passive Acoustic Monitoring for Porpoises at the site of the Lincs Offshore Wind Farm Ecologic UK Ltd Mon 09 Dec 2013
11592. Public Opinion Survey of Lincs RBA Research Ltd Mon 09 Dec 2013
11593. Summer Boat-Based Bird Surveys of the Inner Wash - ECON June to July 2006 ECON Ecological Consultancy Ltd ; Eleanor Skeate Mon 09 Dec 2013
11594. Lincs Offshore Wind Farm: Noise, Calibration Certificates, Noise Monitoring Data, Noise levels and type of Equipment. RPS Planning, Transport & Environment Mon 09 Dec 2013
11595. Observation and sample locations RPS Consultants Ltd Fri 06 Dec 2013
11596. Lincs Offshore Wind Farm Seascapes and Visual Assessment LDA Design Thu 05 Dec 2013
11597. Lincs Offshore Wind Farm National Grid Environmental Report Centrica Renewable Energy Limited Thu 05 Dec 2013
11598. Lincs Offshore Wind Farm Meteorological Mast Data Renewable Energy Systems Ltd Thu 05 Dec 2013
11599. Likely changes to the benthic fauna following development of the proposed Sarah Jane Windfarm on Middle Scroby Sands Unicomarine Ltd Thu 05 Dec 2013
11600. Benthic ecology of Scroby Sands Windfarm site: results of July 2005 (post-construction) survey and comparison with 1998 (pre-construction) survey Unicomarine Ltd Thu 05 Dec 2013

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