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12161. WoDS Technical Report K: Commercial Fisheries ScottishPower Renewables Tue 30 Jun 2009
12162. WoDS Technical Report K: Commercial Fisheries ScottishPower Renewables Tue 30 Jun 2009
12163. WoDS Environmental Statement ScottishPower Renewables Mon 29 Jun 2009
12164. Barrow Offshore Wind Farm Soil and Water samples survey and analysis DONG Energy Fri 19 Jun 2009
12165. Barrow FEPA Licence - issued December 2005 Marine and Fisheries Agency (formerly MCEU) Fri 19 Jun 2009
12166. Investigation into the recovery of cable installation in heysham-middleton, lancashire - Barrow offshore wind farm monitoring DONG Energy Fri 19 Jun 2009
12167. Middleton pools - Great Crested Newt Survey - Barrow Offshore wind farm monitoring survey DONG Energy Fri 19 Jun 2009
12168. Barrow Specifications for pre, during and post construction environmental monitoring. DONG Energy Fri 19 Jun 2009
12169. Barrow Offshore Wind Farm Archaeological protocol - Wessex Archaeology DONG Energy Fri 19 Jun 2009
12170. COWRIE funded research 2009: Developing Guidance on Ornithological Cumulative Impact Assessment for Offshore Wind Farm Developers COWRIE Ltd. Tue 16 Jun 2009
12171. Aerial and Boat Based Surveys for the Potential Effects on Birds and Mammals of the Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm including vessels at the site - February 2004 to April 2006 SSE Renewables Tue 12 May 2009
12172. Aerial surveys of waterbirds in Round 3 Zone 5 (Norfolk) - COWRIE funded research 2009 WWT Consulting Mon 11 May 2009
12173. Ecological Baseline Surveys of Land at Sizewell Wents, Suffolk - Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm SSE Renewables Mon 11 May 2009
12174. COWRIE funded research 2007: Further use of aerial surveys to detect bird displacement by offshore wind farms BTO Thu 07 May 2009
12175. COWRIE funded research 2007: Measurement and interpretation of underwater noise during construction and operation of offshore windfarms in UK waters Subacoustech Ltd Thu 07 May 2009
12176. COWRIE funded research 2007: Assessment and costs of potential engineering solutions for the mitigation of the impacts of underwater noise arising from the construction of offshore windfarms BioConsult Thu 07 May 2009
12177. COWRIE funded research 2008: Measurement and assessment of background underwater noise and its comparison with noise from pin pile drilling operations during installation of the SeaGen tidal turbine device, Strangford lough Subacoustech Ltd Thu 07 May 2009
12178. COWRIE funded research 2007: Radar In-fill for the Greater Wash Area Feasibility Study Qinetiq Ltd Thu 07 May 2009
12179. COWRIE funded research 2006: Effects of offshore wind farm noise on marine mammals and fish Biola (biologisch-landschaftsökologische arbeitsgemeinschaft) Wed 06 May 2009
12180. COWRIE funded research 2007: Trial High Definition Video Survey of Seabirds HiDef Aerial Surveying Ltd Wed 06 May 2009

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