MEDIN workstream documents

The work of MEDIN is undertaken through different work streams, each of which are detailed below.

Information and Papers on Data Management and Data Archive Centres

1. MEDIN has established a set of “Best Practice” requirements for Data Archiving Centres that must be met if a DAC is to be accredited as part of the MEDIN network. The linked document describes these requirements, and the process to be followed to become accredited in this way.
2. MEDIN commissioned a report from Geodata to consider best approaches for archiving data across a network of Data Archive Centres which specialise in different data themes.

MEDIN DAC Accreditation Process word
MEDIN DAC Funding Review Nov 2010 word

Development and maintainance of a suite of standards for data and metadata, together with guidelines and tools

Primary areas of work are:
• Consider evaluation metadata, and develop and implement as required
• To develop and approve data guidelines
• To provide advice on integration of the Protocols database into MEDIN
• To develop and publish a new keyword lists and link to existing vocabularies and
• To work with JNCC and other data holders of marine taxon lists to make them WoRMS compliant
• To advise on standards required for the development of the portal

MEDIN Standards ToR word
MEDIN contract clause for metadata

Web portal, products and services

The main objectives for the this workstream are:
• Convene a group of MEDIN partners to agree upon the specification for the new portal.
• Replace the prototype portal with a functioning, well populated new portal.
• Establish system of metadata flow from DACs into the portal.

MEDIN Portal Users Review Report 02 Jun word

International awareness, coordination and data delivery to global databases

MEDIN works to ensure that UK developments are linked-in and consistent with international initiatives, and that obligations to provide data to global databases are met. The main objectives for the International work stream are to:
• Provide a UK view on European and International initiatives/drivers relevant to MEDIN
• Support UK representation on International Data Working Groups
• Inform UK Community of relevant international initiatives
• Provide and support links to Global Data Bases

Summary of International Data Initiatives (last updated 16March2012)
Analysis of reporting of marine data/information to Europe word
MEDIN Resources Linking to the UK Location Programme / and INSPIRE

Resource and application development

The main objectives for the resources and applications development work stream are:
• To develop applications and tools useful to the community
• To maintain and develop UKDMOS to meet UKMMAS user needs and investigate options for integration with the MEDIN portal
• To maintain existing resources
• To support UKMMAS evidence groups, MSCC Underwater Sound Forum and groups relevant to the work of MEDIN RA WG

RAWG Use Case Report v2.0 word
Onegeology Cookbook v1.0 Guidebook
MEDIN Action Plan for Reference Data pdf
Working Group Meeting Report - 6th Oct 2011

Communication, outreach, forums and publicity

MEDIN communicates with stakeholder groups and other interested parties via various methods including regular meetings, the oceannet website and Marine Data News e-newsletter. Further information can be found in our Communications Plan, and publicity material is available from the Downloadable content page.

For a calendar of all UK marine science events including MEDIN activities visit

MEDIN communication strategy v1.3 word

MEDIN Annual Reports, Work Plans and Organisation

The annual report provides an overview of the aims, objectives and plans for MEDIN, whilst the work plan document describes the process by which MEDIN contracts out work in support of its work plan.

MEDIN procurement process
MEDIN overview
MEDIN Workplan 2009/10 word
MEDIN Workplan 2010/11
MEDIN Workplan 2011/12
MEDIN Annual Report 2009-10

MEDIN Annual Report 2010-11 word
MEDIN Annual Report 2008/09 word
MEDIN Annual Report (short) 2008/09 word
MEDIN Business Plan 2011-14