creating metadata

The following resources will help you create MEDIN-compliant discovery metadata. Please check back to this webpage regularly to ensure you are using the most recent versions of the tools and documents.

Online tool

Metadata Maestro

Guidance notes for the production of MEDIN compliant discovery metadata (PDF).
An online tool to create, export and validate an XML metadata record, or to upload one directly to the MEDIN marine data discovery portal.
 • Suitable for generating metadata for a small number of data sets.
 • Can only be used online (no stand alone mode).
Error message explanations
Guidance notes for the production of MEDIN compliant discovery metadata (PDF).
 • A tool to create, edit, validate and transform discovery metadata records to MEDIN, GEMINI and ISO standards.
 • Available under lincence from SeaZone.
 • Developed by SeaZone in collaboration with MEDIN.
 • Can be used in standalone mode.

If the online tool generates error messages that you don't understand, you can search for their meaning here.

After you have created your metadata, details on how to ensure it is valid can be found on the validating metadata page.

GIS tools

If you produce GIS data layers using ESRI software, you can create MEDIN discovery metadata with the following tools. These tools are based around, and compatible with specific versions of ArcGIS.


ArcGIS 10.1+ are not currently supported and we recommend you use the Online tool or Metadata Maestro to create MEDIN metadata.


ArgGIS 10 stylesheet (updated 11nov11)


ArcGIS 9 stylesheet (updated 26aug10).
Please note that the ArcGIS 9 stylesheet is currently unsupported and produces metadata designed to meet an earlier version of the MEDIN discovery metadata standard.


schema doc

MEDIN has developed software to translate metadata databases into MEDIN formatted XML for inclusion on the MEDIN portal. This tool can only be applied to an existing relational database (such as in Oracle).

If you have experience of metadata formats and XML, download guidance notes for generating MEDIN discovery metadata guidance doc (updated 14Mar12). MEDIN XML may be viewed in software such as Metadata Maestro.