MEDIN workshops

MEDIN holds free workshops periodically throughout the year, to improve the uptake, knowledge and use of MEDIN Data Guidelines and the MEDIN Discovery Metadata Standard (and associated tools). Details and presentations from past workshops can be viewed in the archive

Workshops will be modular, concentrating on the Discovery Metadata Standard in the morning and specific Data guidelines in the afternoon. This means prospective attendees can choose to attend the full day, or either the morning or afternoon, depending on individual requirements (see schedule for further details).


MEDIN are pleased to announce the following workshops will be held over the coming year. Places are limited on these workshops so please contact Sean Gaffney

Please note that workshops can only run if there are a minimum of five attendees. In order to ensure the widest possible transfer of knowledge from MEDIN to the marine community, MEDIN ask that organisations limit themselves to two attendees per workshop.

To book, please email Sean Gaffney.

The Crown Estate, London
06 June 2018


Places Available

National Oceanography Centre, Southampton
3rd October 2018


Places Available

Further workshops will be announced throughout 2018/2019. Please check this page for updates or contact Sean.

If the workshop you wish to attend has been fully booked, please contact Sean Gaffney and supply your preferred workshop location and date. If any spaces become free, MEDIN will try and add you to the attendees list.

If your organisation has a requirement for a large number of your staff to become familiar with MEDIN Data Guidelines and/or the Discovery Metadata Standard, please get in touch as MEDIN may be able to run tailored workshops.

feedback from previous workshops

" highlights importance of data management and organisation, whilst being full of enjoyable practical exercises "

" practical very useful and clear instructions "

" I had some specific questions which were answered very well and found it a very useful day "

" information was clear and well presented "

" very helpful "

" very good mix, with regular practicals to keep you engaged "


MEDIN workshop

The workshop consists of a series of talks, demonstrations and a large practical element to help users become familiar with:

  • MEDIN Data Guidelines

These are guidance from MEDIN on what information should be stored alongside your data to ensure others can use your data with confidence. All data being supplied to a MEDIN Data Archive Centre (DAC) should follow the relevant MEDIN Data Guidelines. Data suppliers are increasingly being asked to use these guidelines as a structure to follow when transferring data to another organisation. Please be aware that Data Guidelines are not instructions from MEDIN on how to collect data.

  • The MEDIN Discovery Metadata Standard

Discovery metadata is information about your dataset that allows someone else to quickly understand where and when your dataset was collected and what type of data is available. MEDIN provides tools to record this type of metadata and make it computer readable so that your metadata can be "discovered" using internet search portals. The MEDIN Discovery Metadata Standard adheres to UK (GEMINI) and European Union (INSPIRE) metadata requirements.

  • Controlled vocabularies

These are lists of defined terms that can be used to describe datasets in a consistent way. MEDIN uses them in the Discovery Metadata Standard and in their Data Guidelines.

  • Tools to create and validate MEDIN discovery metadata

The workshop gives hands on experience of using several different tools to create MEDIN compliant discovery metadata. These include an online metadata editor, Metadata Maestro and a transformation tool for GIS users.

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workshop schedule

09:00 - 09:10
Welcome and outline of the day

Talk and group introductions

09:10 - 09:40
An introduction to MEDIN


09:40 - 10:10
An overview of controlled vocabularies

Talk and practical

10:10 - 10:25
Introduction to the MEDIN discovery metadata standard


10:25 - 12:40
Interactive session on the discovery metadata standard



13:25 - 14:00
Introduction to the MEDIN data guidelines


14:00 - 16:30
Interactive session on the data guidelines


16:30 - 16:45
Wrap up

Group Discussion and feedback


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Details and presentations from past workshops can be viewed in the archive