MEDIN uk moored current meter data

UK moored current meter data are available on DVD for academic use. Contact for a DVD. We ask that you sign and return a licence agreement ukmcmd_licence to the above email address, as the data on the DVD are available for research purposes only. Any publication resulting from use of the data will need to credit to the originating organisation.

The DVD has been compiled and produced by the British Oceanographic Data Centre on behalf of MEDIN.

The mooring data were collected in the shelf seas around the British Isles and the earliest time series are for 1967. There are around 4000 data sets on this DVD.

Data include current velocity and direction and other parameters such as red light attenuance, transmittance, salinity, conductivity, sea pressure, sea temperature and horizontal current velocity.



The data series are asciiI files with accompanying html documentation. For users with a Windows system an interface program, the BODC Mooring Explorer, allows various visual presentations (Data View, Map View, Time Series Plot, Scatter Plot and Documentation View) as well as the means to export the data/images to other applications.