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Pan-Government Hydrographic Data

An agreement exists for sharing of bathymetry survey data and information on future surveys between public bodies. This promotes more effective use of data already collected and enables collaboration on future surveys more information>>


Coarse resolution maps and data of bathymetry, temperature, salinity, areas of stratification/mixing around the UK more information>>

British Geological Survey GeoIndex

Map-based index of offshore datasets held by BGS including hydrocarbon wells, seabed samples, magnetic surveys, geophysical survey lines, gravity and magnetic readings, median lines, quadrants, blocks and coastline more information>>

British Ocean Sediment Core Research Facility searchable core database

Search for marine geological core samples globally more information>>


Searchable catalogue of marine geological and geophysical data (with downloadable data) held at European institutions more information>>


Images of seismic reflection profiles, digitised from paper records, and archived to an online database more information>>

Stewardship of Deep Ocean Geophysics Data (SeaDOG)

Database of information on deep ocean geophysical data including bathymetric, seismic, photographic, magnetic and gravity data more information>>

MCA Civil Hydrography Programme survey images

Bathymetric survey maps funded by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, viewable in Google Earth or any software capable of displaying .kmz files more information>>

MCA Committee on Shipping Hydrography (COSH)

Annual meeting of Government organisations that collect bathymetric data to find out about areas of the sea bed to be surveyed in the forthcoming years more information>>


Commercially available digital mapping applications and tools for data viewing and processing more information>>


Access to data and information relevant to the exploration and production of hydrocarbons on the United Kingdom Continental Shelf more information>>

COWRIE - Data Management & Stewardship for UK Marine Renewables

Access to environmental data and information generated by offshore developers more information>>

GEBCO downloadable bathymetry

Gridded bathymetric data sets available for the world’s oceans more information>>

GEBCO Undersea Feature Names Gazetteer

Searchable gazetteer of undersea feature names more information>>