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Cefas sea temperature and salinity time series

Long-term temperature and salinity observations at 38 coastal stations and a ferry route from Harwich to Rotterdam more information>>

ICES oceanographic data

Temperature, salinity, depth, nutrients, pH, oxygen, chlorophyll for the North Atlantic. Earliest record 1909 more information>>

The mapping of marine seabed landscapes and water column features of UK seas (UKSeaMap)

Coarse resolution maps and data on bathymetry, temperature, salinity, areas of stratification/mixing around the UK more information>>

Channel Coastal Observatory

Wave, tide, topography, hydrography mapping and data for the UK south coast region more information>>

National Oceanographic Database

Global oceanographic data concentrated around the UK mainland more information>>

Liverpool Bay Coastal Observatory

Irish Sea oceanographic and nutrient data with the emphasis on the (near) real time more information>>

The North of Ireland Joint Agency Coastal Monitoring Programme

Currently under development but will provide chlorophyll, salinity, temperature, turbidity and dissolved oxygen data for 14 sites around Northern Ireland’s coast more information>>

European Ferry Box

Temperature, salinity, fluorescence, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, partial pressure of carbon dioxide, collected by an instrumented ferry between Portsmouth, UK and Bilbao, Spain more information>>


System of 'Smart Buoys' instrumented for monitoring a range of physicochemical and environmental variables more information>>


Temperature and salinity data from the globally distributed UK ARGO floats more information>>


Four deep sea moorings collecting temperature, salinity, pressure, current, chlorophyll, sediment trap, nitrate and carbon dioxide data more information>>