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BODC Historical Tide Gauge Data

Several large historic sea level datasets in the form of scanned images of tide gauge charts and ledgers more information>>

MEDIN Tide Metadata Tool

Metadata for tide gauges currently operating in the UK. Tide and sea level data described in this catalogue have been collected and quality-controlled to different standards to suit the purposes of the specific collection programmes more information>>

Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level

Started in 1933, responsible for the collection, analysis and interpretation of sea level data from a network of worldwide tide gauges more information>>

Admiralty EasyTide

Worldwide tidal prediction service supported by the UK Hydrographic Office. Data are charged for, except tidal predictions for the current day and the next 6 consecutive days, which are free more information>>

National Tidal and Sea Level Facility

Comprises the UK National Tide Gauge Network, networks for monitoring vertical land movements, and gauges in the British Dependent Territories of the South Atlantic and Gibraltar more information>>

UK Tide Gauge Network

Monitors UK sea-level fluctuations at sites around the UK coastline more information>>

Wave & Tidal Knowledge Network

The Knowledge Network facilitates the exchange of data in the emerging wave and tidal energy industry. It contains many resources on a range of relevant topics, including reports and datasets that can be downloaded for free. Also available are links to information held by other organisations which may be available on a commercial basis more information>>

Port of London Authority

Responsible for the tidal part of the River Thames. Posts current tide heights ‘Live Tides’ and 2009 tide tables for gauges along the Thames more information>>

Global Sea level Observing System

International programme that coordinates 290 sea level stations around the world for long-term sea level monitoring more information>>