oil and gas industry site survey project

    MEDIN Feasibility Study: Archiving Oil and Gas Industry Site Survey Data (125 KB)pdf

MEDIN has commissioned the British Geological Survey (BGS) to archive oil and gas related survey activity metadata. This project will initially collect top-level site survey metadata in the field of marine geology and geophysics.  In later stages this will be expanded to examine other environmental data types such as contaminants and biology.  This is directed towards new oil and gas industry site surveys acquired under both exploration and production licenses by oil company licensees, but excludes borehole Vertical Seismic Profiles (VSP's).

This project is jointly supported with the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and will benefit data providers and users by providing:

- Free, long-term and secure storage of data
- More efficient use of time and resources
- Access to the best available seabed geology and shallow geological models
- Ready access to data for new uses such as renewable energy technology, aggregate   mining, Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and siting of other offshore infrastructure

BGS will approach companies to provide their metadata; notification of new metadata will be through the Petroleum Operations Notices (PON) system. This will apply to oil and gas industry surveys or shallow drilling activity in the UK, with particular emphasis on UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) seismic and site surveys. The metadata will be made available subject to any agreed restrictions and once any confidentiality period has expired. more information >>

- Download the Site Survey Submission Form

- Queries about the project should be directed to the MEDIN Programme Manager - David Cotton.

- Technical queries on data submission should be directed to the MEDIN Data Management Team at BGS. Completed submission forms should also be sent to this email.

- Queries on the PON 14a regulation and survey closeout form should be directed to the DECC Senior Geoscience Data Manager Phil Harrison.

- Download the Announcement of the Archive of Site Surveys within the MEDIN DAC Network 27th October 2009 sent by the DECC.