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Scottish Oceans Institute

An interdisciplinary research institute that includes the Schools of Biology, Mathematics and Statistics, Geography and Geoscience at the University of St Andrews and the Sea Mammal Research Unit, the Centre for Environmental and Ecological Modelling and Facility for Earth and Environmental Analysis. more information>>

University of Aberdeen, Centre for Marine and Coastal Zone Management

CMCZM is a research group within the Department of Geography and Environment at the University of Aberdeen. This centre runs the Marine and Coastal Resource Management Degree Programme, a degree that considers the management of coastal and marine environments from both a landward and seaward perspective more information>>

University of Aberdeen, Oceanlab

Oceanlab is located at Newburgh on the North Sea Coast, 20 km north of the main University of Aberdeen campus. It is a unique organisation specialising in exploration of the world's oceans using unmanned robot vehicles known as landers, ROV-operated tools, and long-term undersea observatories more information>>

Cardiff University, Marine and Coastal Environment Group

Research is focused on the marine geography and biology of the coastal and offshore environments more information>>

Lancaster University

Research group interests include aquatic chemistry, ecotoxicology, hydrology and fluid dynamics more information>>

University College London, Coastal and Estuarine Research Unit

Research into waves, sediments and hydrodynamics in the Crouch and Roach estuaries and the impacts of coastal defences and sea level rise more information>>

University of Glasgow, Marine Biological Station, Millport.

Research themes include: sustainable fisheries exploitation, ecological impact of human activities on key marine habitats, behaviour and ecology of benthic organisms, regional marine biodiversity, benthic and water column microbiology more information>>

University of Cambridge, Coastal Research Unit

The CCRU carries out fundamental research on coastal, estuarine and nearshore processes, landforms and ecosystems; environmental monitoring in the coastal zone; and research consultancies for both governmental and non-governmental agencies. In addition, it offers scientifically-informed advice on the sustainable management of coasts and coastal ecosystems. Projects include observations of waves, sedimentation and coral bleaching more information>>

University of East Anglia

UEA hosts the The Laboratory for Global Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry which aims to provide an understanding of how the atmosphere and oceans interact to regulate climate. The Coastal Processes Research Group covers research into morphology and sedimentology.

University of Hull, Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Studies

The Institute covers a wide range of specialisms within the coastal environment ranging from the biological and physical environments (topography, vegetation, ornithology, benthic and pelagic fauna) to coastal planning, environmental quality, marine law and environmental impact assessment. Interests include benthic fauna and coastal planning more information>>

University of Newcastle, School of Marine Science and Technology

Research within marine biology ranges from molecular and cellular processes of marine organisms to large-scale ecosystem and geomorphological responses to global changes as well as the chemical processes driving them. The marine technology centre provides research into design, offshore engineering, marine engineering, computational fluid dynamics, high-performance computing, hydrodynamics and decision support work more information>>

University of Plymouth

The School of Biological Sciences and the School of Earth, Ocean and Environmental Sciences host a wide range of centres that cover a range of marine science disciplines. These include, marine biology, oceanography, biogeochemistry, coastal processes and marine policy more information>>

University of Southampton, School of Ocean and Earth Science

The research activities of the School of Ocean and Earth Science encompass a wide range of disciplines including coastal processes, biogeochemistry, biodiversity, geophysics, paleoceanography and sedimentry dynamics more information>>

University of Wales, School of Ocean Science

Research groups include: physics of the shelf seas, sedimentry processes, marine biology and biogeochemistry more information>>

University of Ulster, Centre for Coastal and Marine Research

The Centre examines the impact of various aspects of various processes, both physical and human, on coastal and marine environments. Disciplines include coastal zone management, coastal processes, marine habitat mapping, maritime archeology and quaternary environmental change more information>>